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Polymer Pin Keepers - Get a Grip!

Safely secure your valuable pins and medals!

Pin keepers next to a dime for comparison Rally-Gator Pin Keepers are a great alternative to the brass clutch backs supplied with most pins. They are constructed of lightweight polymer material and stainless steel set screws. Each pin keeper is precision machined and set screws are pre-installed for fast, easy application. The set screws are counter-sunk, and caps have solid backs to keep pins from poking through, preventing any damage from metal surfaces. Each pack contains 10 pin keepers and 1 hex wrench.
Note!  Rally-Gator Pin Keepers are intended for use on semi-permanently installed pins only. They are not recommended for use with pins requiring frequent removal (See "Rally-Gator Pro" if you require daily removal pin keepers). Do not over tighten set screw as it may result in permanent damage to pins. Pin shafts may require cutting if installed on thin materials. Cut shafts with diagonal cutters on an angle if you want to keep a point on the shaft. Resealable zipper bags allow for convenient use, keeping wrench and unused pin keepers together until you need them. Check out our new "Bullet" Keyring for an easier way to keep track of your wrench!   Rally-Gator pin keeper packages

Please note: Key Rings are currently not available, please try again later.

Pin keeper tools - hex driver and keyring

Have tons of pins? These .050" hex drivers makes installing several pin keepers even easier. Check them out under "Tools".